Friday, December 26, 2008

Coal Harbour, BC

We had a nice breakfast at the Best Western in Campbell River this morning, then headed into town. We found a good parking lot (meaning: off the street, not too snowy, and a place I didn't have to back into / out of so I wouldn't get stuck), then we hiked around town for an hour or so. There wasn't much open (Boxing Day), but it was nice anyway.

It had been snowing since breakfast, and there was a couple of inches on the ground when we left town. The road north was in pretty good shape, though there were patches of ice from time to time.

We arrived in Port Hardy about 1500, and scoped out the town. Between seasonal closings (most of the hotels in town looked closed for the season) and Boxing Day closures, there wasn't much open.

Lorraine called around to find us a great place to stay -- we wound up at a bed and breakfast in Coal Harbour, BC, not too far from Port Hardy. After we checked in, we headed back to Port Hardy to get a bite to eat. We stopped to see if we could grab a geocache outside of town, but it was snowed in. Ugh.

Lorraine had spied a sports bar when we were in town in the afternoon, so we headed back there to see what they had to eat. The bar was, indeed, open, but they hadn't received their food shipment because of the weather, so all they had was booze. Time for Plan B, which turned out to be a convenience store (again). The Subway was open, but we couldn't go back to Virginia and report that we had a Subway dinner while north of 50 deg.

The convenience store had frozen dinners, and we got a few other things while we were there.

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