Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Well, we've now found geocaches in Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Oregon, and West Virginia. Lorraine and I are up to 55 finds as a team. The game continues to be fun, after about four months. We've introduced a fair number of people to the game / sport / hobby, which is a side benefit.

Sunday, November 7, 2004


Lorraine and I put up two (stacked) OA-50 6m antennas on Saturday, and added guy lines today. It's a pretty good installation, if I do say so myself. The antenna are from Par Electronics; I bought them from Universal Radio.

This was certainly a two-person job; I'm very lucky that Lorraine was available to help.

Now, all I need to do is finish the studying for the Element 1 (Morse Code) and Element 4 (Extra Class) exams, which I'm planning to take in December.