Friday, June 27, 2008

San Francisco Housing Authority suit

NRA, CCRKBA, and the California Rifle and Pistol Association filed suit yesterday (it's a challenge to keep up with the filings) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California (San Francisco Division) seeking to overturn a public housing gun ban within the City and County of San Francisco. Nicely done. The plantiff is a homosexual man, living in public housing, and argues that the Second Amendment should be incorporated against the states.

More at: NRA-ILA :: Legislation

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Heller FAQ

Bart DePalma over at Citizen Pamphleteer put together a very nice FAQ, complete with cites and quotes: Citizen Pamphleteer: The Second Amendment Is Returned To The Bill Of Rights

First DC, now Chicago....

Now that District of Columbia v. Heller is decided, it's time to head west to The Windy City. Alan Gura, of Gura & Possessky, P.L.L.C, has launched Visit early and often, and lend your support to incorporation of the Second Amendment against the States. Selfishness in Action

Perfectly shameful.

The folks at trot out the dewey-eyed new mom and cute kid, then get her to read a plea to not call her son to national (read: military) service. Why is this unbelievably selfish (and isolationist) message at all appropriate?

"So, John McCain, when you said you would stay in Iraq for 100 years, were you counting on Alex?"

Why not? If not "Alex", whom?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Springfield Mall

I had occasion to visit Springfield Mall (N.B.: the web site is seriously misleading: 200 stores and eateries? Where?) the other day (I had mistakenly presumed that Springfield Mall would be vacant on the Saturday before Memorial Day -- the mall was, but the DMV office, my sole reason for visiting the mall, wasn't). With the line for the mall's DMV office stretching out the door (out the DMV's door, and nearly out the mall's door!), I took the opportunity to do a little shopping while the line got a bit shorter.

Springfield Mall has come on hard times -- really hard times. I don't shop there, but I don't really shop at any malls (competition is better on the World Wide Web, and I don't have to deal with traffic, parking, ....). Much of what I buy comes to me from on-line retailers; the rest comes from speciality retailers who aren't mall denizens (Best Buy, Borders, Petsmart, ...).

On a lark, I did a little on-line searching this afternoon to see if anyone else has noticed the sharp decline at Springfield Mall and lo, other people have. In fact, there's been some real discussion about redeveloping Springfield Mall. As recently as last November, Vornado Realty Trust (who also owns the Charles E Smith brand) announced a fall 2010 opening for at least a portion of the redeveloped mall (more recent news here). Since fall 2010 is only two years away, I'm surprised there's no evidence of construction. Surprisingly (and suspiciously), there's nary a peep about this Springfield Mall redevelopment at Vornado's web site.