Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alcan Rally information center

I'm not organized well enough to think about this seriously, but it sure is fun to think about it casually. Lorraine and I have been to Tuktoyaktuk twice, but both times were in the summer (though the last time had plenty of sea ice in which we soaked our feet; photos are available!). The notion of heading north in the winter, experiencing the ice roads, is quite inviting....

This year's "Alcan 5000" had an optional roundtrip to Tuk. I certainly like the route they selected, but I would take at least three times as long to do the whole thing -- there's too much to see (even in the winter, when there isn't a whole lot of sun) to race through it.

More info to study and drool over at Alcan Rally information center.

Friday, February 22, 2008

At last, Michelle Obama proud of America -

Well, I'm gratified that Michelle Obama is finally proud of America. It's an amazing statement made once, but made repeatedly, it's nothing short of unbelievable, considering what's she trying to accomplish.

At last, Michelle Obama proud of America -