Monday, May 26, 2008

DMA Choice Home

While I was researching "opt-out" capabilities, I ran across the one run by the Direct Marketing Association to cut down on "direct mail" AKA "junk mail":

DMA Choice Home

CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY - Fairfax County, Virginia

Lorraine and I attended the Fairfax County Citizens Police Academy this spring -- this was time well spent. We learned a little about nearly every facet of Fairfax County law enforcement: training (at the Academy), traffic, patrol, call center operations, animal control, gangs, major crimes, narcotics, financial crimes, explosive ordnance disposal, canine, neighborhood patrols (bikes!), crime analysis, and the Adult Detention Center (which was offered by the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office).

If you're a resident of Fairfax County, this is 35 hours (or so) that will be spent wisely: CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY - Fairfax County, Virginia.

One of the [many!] things I learned at the Fairfax County Citizen Police Academy was the existence of an "opt-out" program for pre-screened credit card offers (a significant source of credit card fraud and identity theft).

The program appears to be a lot like the national "do not call" list, only it helps protect your identity / credit score.