Tuesday, January 31, 2006

FOXSports.com - NFL- Twelve wacky moments in Super Bowl history

"The Super Bowl is our nation's greatest sporting event." -- Jeff Gordon, Special to FOXSports.com

Huh? What about NASCAR? WWE Smackdown? The World(?) Series, for goodness sake? How does the Super Bowl rate?

(I don't read FOXSports.com, and I don't watch Fox News on television, either. I got here through one of those MSN Today teases that pop up, courtesy of MSN Messenger.)

Read more from Jeff at FOXSports.com - NFL- Twelve wacky moments in Super Bowl history

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Flickr tools

As part of preparing for the upcoming trip to Fairbanks, Alaska and Barrow, Alaska, I've been researching tools to allow me to geotag / geocode photographs. With the advent of Google(tm) Maps, Google(tm) Earth, and other tools / sites, there's a lot of interest in coding photographs with the latitude, longitude, and altitude (LLA) of the position at which the photograph was taken.

Flickr is one of the better (and more popular) sites that support georeferencing of photographs. Here's a great reference of tools available to support Yahoo!'s flickr service:

Quick Online Tips: The Great Flickr Tools Collection

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cinder [again, but for the last time today!]

It's tough to take a picture of a cat, face on...you get a lot of retroreflection. She's a pretty cat anyway, though, don't you think?

(And it's really nice that I didn't need a telephoto lens to get this shot!) Posted by Picasa

Cinder [again]

Here's another shot of Cinder, rubbing her face against the furniture. Posted by Picasa

Our new cat, Cinder

We brought Cinder home on Saturday, 3 December 2005, and in about five short weeks, she's gone from being wild to being a very playful and energetic, inquisitive, and lovable cat. She's still not ready to be handled, but she's getting much closer every day. Opie, our other cat, is great "bait", drawing Cinder over to interact. I expect that within a few weeks, Cinder will be coming over to be handled a little bit. Posted by Picasa