Friday, July 13, 2007

Grand Forks, ND

0646 CDT

I woke up a few minutes before 0600 and discovered all the heads in this car to be locked. Bummer. We were just a few minutes out of Grand Forks, ND, so I stuck around to see the empty observation car we'd been pulling decoupled and left in Grand Forks. Not much has changed in that technology since the invention and deployment of the train coupler.

Anyway, I've now been to all fifty United States. It took 51 years, but I've finally done it.

The northern Great Plains are very, very, big and very, very flat. I'd always thought of wheat when thinking of North Dakota, but there's mile after mile of corn and other products, as well.

We were stopped in Minneapolis / St Paul, MN for quite a while last night, so we're nearly two hours behind schedule. It's a pleasant ride, though, and we're in no big hurry.

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Mary Pat said...

I am Grand Forks resident for 12 years having migrated from Ohio after marriage. In addition to those flat plains there are incrediably bright hard working people. Amazing. Come back and stay with us awhile sometime! Best regards.