Saturday, July 14, 2007

East Glacier Park, MT

0812 MDT

We arrived at East Glacier Park, MT last night shortly before 2100, which was a little later than planed. We got all of our gear off the train safely, then Joe and I went over to the Avis agent, which is located at the Glacier Park Trading Company (immediately across the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe tracks from the train station). We were lucky to look just lost enough to get a store employee out of her car and over knocking on the door to the store to get us inside.

The store was broiling inside. It had been 95 deg F during the day, and the building retained every bit of that heat. We rented a Chevrolet Tahoe, then drove it around to the train station to pick up Lorraine and Emily, along with all of our gear. From the train station, it was another 300m or so to the lodge.

We got checked into the lodge, then did a little scouting around. the temperature was dropping nicely between 2200 and midnight, so sleeping wasn't a problem.

I woke up about 0700 really parched. the lower humidity and the temperature overnight really dried me out.

We stayed in room 317 in their "annex" building. The room is enormous, and not bad for a historic facility. I'm up on the third floor veranda, facing the train station and the rest of East Glacier Park. It's pretty quiet on this side of the building; there's a diesel bus running on the front of the building which I can do without.

We'll probably be headed to West Glacier Park and Apgar later this morning.

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