Saturday, July 14, 2007

East Glacier Park

2048 MDT 14 July 2007

East Glacier Park is the logical point of entry to the park when traveling by train from the east. The obvious reason is that it's the first place near the park at which you arrive. The real reason is, though, the fact that it has a rental car agency. In addition to the Avis counter, East Glacier Park has a general store (just the essentials, but that's all you should need on a trip like this) and a Mexican Restaurant (open from 1700 to 2200).

Once you get all the rental car and general store stuff out of the way, it's on to the lodge. The lodge was very nice, though characteristically pricey. The lodge had a restaurant (which we didn't try), a bar (also, which we didn't try), and a large gift shop. One of the selling points of the lodge is the 18-hole golf course (we're not golfers, so can't remark on the adequacy of the golf course). By the number of people at the golf course, it is a major draw for the resort.

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