Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, 1 June 2014 Ride Report

I picked up the bike from Bob’s BMW on Saturday, and needed to get out for a shakedown run. Connie mentioned that she wanted to return to a place we both enjoyed in Washington, Virginia, so off we went!

There’s a tradition in the long-distance riding community called a Ride to Eat. Usually, these RTE events involve many hundreds of miles…we didn’t have that much time, so a short ride around Virginia was in order.


I planned to get us to Stonyman Gourmet Farmer at lunchtime, so we took a somewhat circuitous route. We headed west along I-66, and turned south to explore Fort Valley Road. It’s beautiful.


So, we cruised south until we got to U.S. 211, then headed east for lunch. U.S. 211 is a great road, fully of “twisties”.

We had a great lunch at Stonyman Gourmet Farmer – BLT sandwiches with salad, and soda. The temperature was marvelous, so we sat outside in their garden courtyard, and enjoyed out meal (and the birds).

From Washington, we headed north to ride a stretch of Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park. We were “warned” we might see bear, but alas, no bears were in sight. We did have a great ride, though.

We headed home via Stanardsville and Ruckersville, familiar territory for our rides.

All that, and we got back at a decent hour!

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