Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sargent Saddle Review -- BMW R1200RT

I've been meaning to write a nice review of the aftermarket R1200RT saddle by Sargent Cycle.

Let's start with a statement of the obvious, and one that I'm sure nearly every R1200RT rider knows. The stock BMW saddle is a plank. That's true of nearly every other stock saddle I've ridden, and the BMW R1200RT is no exception. The stock saddle looks great -- it really fits in with the contours and look of the bike. My hind end refused to appreciate just how great that stock saddle looked, though, and it was time to make a change.

I looked online at a number of aftermarket saddles, and read a lot of reviews. I settled on the Sargent, and ordered it right after I got back from Washington State last summer. The new saddle showed up earlier than promised, and I set about performing the installation. I bought the heated pilot / heated pillion saddle combination. I had to replace the bike's saddle heat connectors, by snipping the original connectors off the bike, installing new backshells, and crimping pins on the exposed wires. Nothing required but a pair of side cutters, a crimping tool, a strong light, and patience. I really took my time, and spent about an hour getting the job done right.

So, aside from the fact that it is electrified, how does it feel?

Well, shortly after I completed the installation, I took it on the road. Where the stock saddle would start to get to me after a few hundred miles, the Sargent kept me solidly in the saddle. In early October, I rode The Void (1200+ miles in 30 or so hours) and felt GREAT. I rode with other folks who were standing on the pegs or nearly sitting side-saddle to relieve pain, and I felt just fine.

I can't say enough about the Sargent, and how it fits me just right. As with anything else associated with long distance riding, your mileage will vary.

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