Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mason Dixon 20-20

I've taken a few more passes through the boni list, trying to see if i can develop a route that allows me to finish within the 1666 mile cap, finish within 29:30 riding hours, maximize the number of boni points, maintain some mileage and time margin, and have fun. I struggled a bit with a candidate route, and ended up cutting two locations because they provided too little in the way of points/mile and points/minute. So, i now have a route that both fits within the mileage cap and the time limit without having to run hot for too many miles.

At rally end, there's an event that adjusts scores by plus or minus 30 points, which is a huge swing. I've been practicing my ride slow skills, and working on maneuverability at slow speeds, just in case that's on the [unpublished] syllabus.

I'm sure i'll fuss with this route a bit more, but it's looking doable.

Location : 1049 Rhue Hollow Rd, Roseland, VA 22967,
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