Saturday, July 24, 2010


I used to travel for business. A lot. I don't travel much anymore, and i don't really miss it. The hassle of the traveling public, the living out of a suitcase, driving automatic transmissions, eating restaurant food routinely...all activities that i don't miss.

I do enjoy leisure travel...there's a different feel to travel when I'm off the clock. The press of fellow travelers is a bit just can't tell what people will do or say when crowded into such a small place. I've always thought that people are at their worst when (a) traveling, particularly by air, and (b) driving on the outer loop or Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

For the hundreds of flights and thousands of hours I've spent in the skies above this planet, I remember some of the flights i took as a kid in the 1960's the best. The guy who, when waking, launched his meal into his lap. The guy who gave me some of the sagest wisdom a guy could give a young boy about adventures with women. The first jet flight (Boeing 707) I'd ever taken, from McChord Air Force Base to Elmendorf Air Force Base (culminating with an Air Force band welcome on arrival).

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