Tuesday, December 1, 2009

McDonald v. Chicago oral argument scheduled

From David Kopel at Volokh Conspiracy: oral arguments in McDonald v. Chicago are set for 1000, Tuesday, 2 March 2010.

Expect to have local law school students, 2A supporters, and civil libertarians camping out on 1st Street, NE waiting for the doors to open. It's chilly here in early March, so camping out on the sidewalk is a sign of real interest and passion. There really isn't anywhere to get food nearby, and there isn't a place to stow your camping gear when you finally get in the door, so there are some logistics-related challenges.

I thought briefly about heading down to witness Heller v. District of Columbia first-hand last year, and I'll probably consider trying to see this case. The audio recording was good, but I would really appreciate getting the total experience. Hearing Alan Gura arguing to overturn the Slaughter-House Cases would be well worth the early morning chill.

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