Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Lorraine and I headed down to Rhue Hollow for the holiday this year. We'd been in the area last year at this time, and the weather was considerably better (warmer, drier) this year.

Dutch and Robin stayed at the house with us -- we had a great time geocaching and trekking around Nelson County. Before the Thanksgiving Day meal, we headed up to the top of Spy Rock to grab the cache hidden there. We had a great dinner, comprised of food that we'd picked up at Whole Foods in West Springfield (the Whole Foods in Charlottesville was closed on Thanksgiving Day, as was the one in West Springfield, so we did some hurried shopping on Wednesday). The food was great.

We did a bit more caching on Friday before heading up to the Coppermine Restaurant at the Wintergreen Resort (just a few kilometers from our house). The food was great there, as well.

The leaves are nearly off the trees now -- there are a few patches of color left. It'll all be green again not too long from now.

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